Last Bits Filmed

We have filmed our last clips for our short video for the coursework. When we uploaded the clips onto the laptop and sorted them out in order the opening was not appropriate as we have our main actor waking up in the morning. The problem with that was that we have not established where it was taken place. So we went out again and went on the top floor of a high building, this was because we wanted a clear view of the city (Canary Wharf), The reason why we wanted to film canary wharf was that most comedy setting are taken place in the city and we wanted to show that our opening of a film was located in London city. We zoomed into Canary Wharf and slowly zoomed out, then had another shot zooming into a window, this shows where our character is sleeping.

As you all know we have been basing our opening clip on a comedy film. And as we were filming we had a lot of problems on how we were going to establish that our film was based on comedy genre. whilst we were having problems we had looked at many opening scenes of comedy films and we had realized that no comedy film opening starts off funny, it just builds up and slowly gets in to the mode of the genre.
We had filmed a scene and found that it wasn't really a scene you would see in the opening of a film, more of a scene that you'd see in the middle of the film. Fortunately we had realized this before the deadline and changed the whole scene and made it realistic.
Nasima,Khalid,Baki, And Ridhwan.

Music Workshop

On the 5th of Feb our Group attended a music workshop with Mr Moore from the Music department and we tried to make a sound track for our film clip. We had started off with the drum beats and then worked our way through the music and the melody. We are still currently working on our sound track for our film and we believe that once we have finished, it will establish our film genre.
By Khalid,Ridhwan,Baki, and Nasima.


At the moment we had to change our story twice. 1st is due to the fact that we never had the right equipment and not enough actors and secondly our other storyboard was not an appropriate opening scene, as we have so much going on in the opening scene and it is impossible to film everything in 2 minutes. Another problem with that is that this story line told us the whole story in 2 minutes which we dont want.

Change To Storyboard

We had to change our story as we dont have the appropriate equipments and props. We also dont have enough actors to act for us, and this is a problem as we now have less than 1 week to record everything.
One of the thing we're missing is a car, as we have a car accident in our clip and it may be difficult to film the crash. So far we only have 1 actor but we need atleast 3-4. In our new story we only need 1 actor and we wont need a car, we have chosen to do this because of the time limit.


We watched the opening scenes of American Pie, Police Academy and Meet the Parents.
The one we will be talking about is American Pie.

What did we see ?
In the opening scene of the film we see two people, a young male and female who are both white. They are both dopey looking and are dressed formally. The female has red hair.

Both of them are dopey and the female has slurred speech. She has funny facial expressions.

Young adults are being represented in this film.

Summary Of Lesson (16/12/09)

In this lesson we carried on with our planning.
We have already planned out the possible locations and will choose ONE of the location as our main setting. We have also planned out the actors we need for our C/W.
In the following lesson we will continue planning and plan on the costume and props.